All you folks that are following along have probably dropped off by now. It’s not like I’ve not been busy with stuff, or had nothing to blog. I can lay the blame squarely on a few things. One is Twitter. I spend way to much time on Twitter. It’s a big, but enjoyable suckhole in my time. If it wasn’t Twitter, it’d be some forum or other. But not Facebook. I use Facebook because I have to, not because I want to. The other thing is that with Lightroom Blog moving to Pixiq, I’m contracted to more posts that I would normally make there, 8 per month, when 4 was more like the average. Coupled with trying to find a new studio space again, I seem to keep putting off blogging. Of course there was a news Archetype Newsletter this month too, so I posted some stuff in that, which might have appeared here. If you don’t get my Photographer geared newsletter, please sign up in the sidebar. I’m keeping the blog for photos and photo videos now.

The big news photographically for me this month is that my exhibition moved from Galway City Musuem to Antons Cafe. And I have to say, it sits beautifully in that space. It really feels like home there. Halfway through I had a sudden thought that I should really be doing more BTS videos and dragged out the iPhone and pressed it into service. Here’s the results, along with a short commentary. Be gentle, it’s not meant to be quality!

I recently put out a casting call on Model Mayhem to do some personal work towards building a fresher portfolio, especially for fashion. I was looking for more experienced models to work with. I got a lot of responses, but I’m looking for a specific amount of experience with this. Aisling Danagher was the first of these, and I’ve already posted a slideshow of the shoot, which I enjoyed a lot. Makeup was by Maureen Hanlon, currently studying with the School of Makeup Artistry. She did hair too, with a little encouragement from yours truly.

Next in line there’ll be more phoning and looking at spaces over the next few days, and with luck, I’ll find something that’s right, at the right price. I’m really itching for a place to shoot, store gear and teach photography and workflow.

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It’s been a rather hectic few weeks. If you’re following me on Twitter, you’ll see some of what’s been going on. Last week was spent shooting production stills for Glor Tire. They’ve a new season beginning in September, so there was a lot of work recording bands and contestants. This week I’ve had 3 shoots with Alex Popovici, one for location fashion, one for swimwear, and one for shooting on my medium format film camera. Fun! Here’s a few of the fashion shoot.

Alex @ Cong Abbey
Alex @ Cong Abbey
Alex @ Ross Errily Abbey
Alex @ Ross Errily Abbey

I’ll post some of the Glor Tire shots once the programme has been officialy launched.

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I’m progressively improving healthwise, still not there yet though. At least I’m not in constant pain! It’s been a busy week, and I’ll probably do some individual posts on shoots etc in the next few days. Today saw me finishing this months article for ProPhoto Resource. It’s on Lens Corrections in Lightroom. I also cut a roll of black seamless in half for doing basic full length in the house. I’m sure there’ll be a bit of content aware scale making final shots wider in Photoshop, but it’s better than nowhere to shoot. I did have a wooden backdrop made, but as it turns out, it’s way harder to store in the house, so it’ll be gone this week.

Later in the week, I’ll be looking into updating LR2Twitpic for Twitter’s OAuth login. It’s a bit more detailed than the basic authorisation, but Jeffrey Friedl has done the grunt work already.

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Up the walls with stuff the last week:

Matt Kloskowski has interviewed me for a new series he’s starting over on Lightroom Killer Tips. It covers everything from my favourite Panel to things I’d like to see in Lightroom in the future. Go on over and check it out.

I’ve been shooting a number of model shoots and of course shooting a lot of fashion shows with GTI’s Galway Fashion Fiesta. I really enjoyed it. I’ll be posting shots here, and I already have some on my new Facebook Fan Page (although I think they’re just ‘Like’ pages, these days). Of course, I’ve shot tonnes and editing is a must, so it’s taking a little time.

Next week, I’ll be shooting with Anita DeBauch and then going to London (fingers crossed) for a Strobist seminar and meeting friends.

I spoke with Kenny from Little Cinema Short Film Club and he’s happy to accept my timelapse material as a short. I’ll need to put the current set of clips into something more finished first of course.

On the Camera Club Front, I’m Vice Chairperson for next season. We’re also having our exhibition, with all sales going to Camp Cladgh. Opening is 1:30pm tomorrow (Saturday) in the Kenny Gallery, Liosban Ind E

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I’ve been planning a website overhaul for a long, long time. I’ve had a lot of ‘check out my website, it’s kinda out of date though’ conversations. Well no more. I finally bit the bullet and gathered my collection of photos together in Lightroom. Using one of my plugins (LRB Portfolio to be precise), I put together a simple, clean site, using only 3 galleries: Faces, Fashion and Editorial. Enjoy looking at a whole series of new images, mixed with the best of the old, over at

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It’s been well over a month since I posted anything. I’d love to say it’s because I’ve had nothing to post, but that would be a lie. It’s been manic in truth. Let’s see:

  • Makeup Course: Done and dusted (or blended maybe). Enjoyed this a lot. It was good fun
  • Focus on Imaging: I spoke on the stand. Again great fun. Tiring, but great.
  • Buxton (residential week): I did Lightroom, Photoshop and Off Camera Flash stuff, some formal, some not. Again this was great. Signed up for next year already.
  • Word Press conversion of Lightroom Blog: I found out by accident that Blogger was cutting support for FTP sites, so I changed.
  • Lightroom 3 Beta 2 came out
  • More PT4U Videos done!
  • I’m updating Nothing to show yet.. Nearly there!

There’s other things, but I’ll leave them to their own posts!

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It’s seems that these days, I’m really working in cycles. The plugin update cycle, the weekend sound cycle, the learning cycle, for example. I’m pretty busy with a lot of stuff going on and from a practical point of view, it works better for me to devote blocks of time to each different thing, rather than an hour of this, followed by an hour of that. So I might do a run of video recording, with no thought of the edit process. That’s a different mindset. Or book writing, which measures time in half days as a minimum. You need time to settle into a flow, and work best when in that flow.

And now as if I don’t have enough things for doing, I’m learning how to do basic makeup. It might sound odd, but it just gives me an additional tool to add to options for shoots where there is a low budget. I’m certainly not looking for an out on using a Make Up Artist, if anything, this course is teaching me how valuable a really good one is. I’m doing the beginners course at The School of Make Up Artistry. It’s a 3 weekend course, 10-5 on Saturdays. I’m astounded by the amount of information I’ve picked up even with just 2 days under my belt. Yesterday I did 2 full day make up sets and one day to evening makeup. And I’m a bloke that never did makeup. One of the day makeups was a lady that popped in from the local coffee shop and left delighted with my work. That’s simply bizarre. So obviously, I’m in the middle of a makeup learning cycle.

LRB Exhibition 1.1 is feature complete and gone for beta testing. Mind you it’s been quiet from them. Usually that’s a good sign. LRB Portfolio will be the next item in the update cycle, then video editing for Phototraining4U.

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Well. It’s been a month since I posted. I did mention that I’m posting photos daily over at, so if you’re not looking over there, you’re missing out on about 40 photos at this stage.

On the news front, I’ve just launched LRB Exhibition, a new plugin for Lightroom that creates websites for photographers. I also discovered that I could create a basic shop page on E-Junkie, my download delivery provider, so I set one up.

Last weekend, I made the trip to Cong/Clonbur woods to recce locations for shoots, and for potential landscape photos. While it was a bleak day I still made some nice discoveries.

Next weekend, I’m a little tied up as I have the first of 3 Saturdays doing a beginners course in makeup. I know it’s an odd enough choice, but I think it’ll really help with Beauty photography, something I love doing.

I’m prepping for a talk on Lightroom at the Phototraining4U stand at Focus on Imaging in Birmingham next month. It’ll be a talk on Lightroom 3 Beta.

I’m also onto Chapter 5 of my book on creating web gallery plugins for Lightroom.

That’s the short of it anyway.

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Once upon a time this was a photoblog. I needed to get away from that for a while and in the process took stuff from a number of blogs into this one. Well this time for photoblogging is back. This time, I’m doing on a dedicated community blog site: A minus 3. So add Lost Concepts to your RSS feed.

Random Panderings will still get attention and very definitely become a more general blog, so keep an eye on your feed as I introduce more video and audio related stuff here.

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Poor old Random Panderings is feeling like a lonely lost puppy these days. Even though I spend way too much time in front of the computer, it’s not for blogging. I’m far more likely to be on Twitter as @lightroomblog. Anyway, here’s the lowdown on recent stuff.

I launched LR2Pikchur, a Lightroom Plugin to allow you to post photos and messages to Twitter via, this morning. It means I’ve 3 publicly available plugins that do this. I have a Yfrog one too, but as they’ve never returned a single email from their ‘partnership’ form, it’s just languishing.

Zebra had it’s launch on Monday. It’s a boutique run by a friend of mine, Olivia, and specialises in affordable high fashion for both women and men. They have a beautiful range of stuff, including that of Harlow & Harvey, as designed by Sarah O’Neill. You’ve seen work from her on this blog already. There was a fashion show as part of the opening, including modeling by a shy gang of her friends. There’s a catwalk built is as part of the shop fit, but backgrounds are a little cluttered, with TV’s, pipes and trussing visible.


Sunday was the most recent Galway Strobist meetup, held in The Quays. Due to illness and work 2 models cancelled, but we still had 2 models, and I had 2 ‘Movember’ portraits also. Movember is a campaign to raise awareness for prostate cancer and depression, by getting sponsorship for growing a mustache. Pauric and Keith were good enough to pose with their ‘ronnies’.

Pauric Keith

I’ve still to get to the shots of Liz and Alex, the 2 models for the afternoon. Shortly, when I get a bit of time.

This week, I’m also writing my first Lightroom article for Pro Photo Resource. I had something mostly done, but decided to ease into it instead, so began again. That’ll be out next month.

I’m working on a new Web Plugin for Lightroom, should have a 1.0 version soon. You can see how it looks in my new Landscapes website Sky Water Land. Obviously I’ve been tweaking the plugin as I go, but now need to finalise and write the dreaded User Guide. I should just do a wiki!
Speaking of web plugins, I’ve redone LRB Portfolio 2.4 about 3 times thanks to overwritten and missing code. I’m currently trying out Cornerstone to help solve this problem, which has happened before. 2.4 should be out soon too, again when the User Guide has been updated.

On the sound front, The Wailers gig has just been moved to the Roisin Dubh from the Radisson. This means I have to get additional sound equipment booked and sorted before Saturday. It’s a large band with a lot of monitor requirements, so fingers crossed I get it all sorted!

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