Piet Van den Eynde has just released his 2nd book for Craft and Vision, called Making Light. It’s a shift in direction too, going from software to hardware, this time in the form of small flash. The book mixes theory and case studies to cater for the thinkers and the visual learners.

The theory part covers the basics. Things like sync speeds, mixing flash with ambient and inverse square law. We get examples of this showing how moving away from a background, but keeping the flash to subject distance the same, makes the background darker. Next we get a buyers guide to flashes. Piet explains the difference between choosing manual and TTL flash, along discussing branded vs 3rd party options. One excellent bit of advice is to buy all the same flashes. All well as flash types, he also covers what you might want in a flash, such as thermal protection, optical triggers, PC sync jack, tilt and swivel, size, high speed sync, and upgradeable firmware. It’s a pretty comprehensive list. It also includes accessories such as the StoFen style cap and gels, but to me these are cheaply available and shouldn’t influence a purchase. Piet is also in the frame of mind as myself on TTL vs Manual. Use them both, but where appropriate.

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