During the tour with Mark Cleghorn, we had a day off on the Saturday, when we went to Wales vs South Africa. On the Sunday we made our way to Twickenham for the seminar on Monday. We didn’t leave until late afternoon, so that gave me time to fit in a shoot with Becky Dee. I used some of the material from the shoot in the remaining seminars. Here’s a selection of images from the shoot. It was interesting, because Becky normally only does Glamour and I don’t usually shoot Glamour. Mark’s reaction to the bedroom set stuff was one word: ‘Overlit’. Oh well. Live and learn. Mark does have a preference for harder light, and while I often shoot like that, I didn’t this time.




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  1. Tour Tour Tour: Part Two - Lightroom Blog says: December 2, 20109:50 pm

    [...] Saturday in Cardiff was great: Wales were playing South Africa at Millenium Stadium. It was a wicked game, and Wales almost won, but just couldn’t get the final try they needed. It was the first rugby international I’d been to, and thoroughly enjoyed it. After, I did a bit of shopping for presents and we ate in. Debbie (Mark’s wife & the boss!) and Carl cooked. Best. Yorkshire Puddings. Ever. Carl used to chef at a 2 star restaurant and it showed. Debbie’s a mean cook too. Off to bed and then up early for some Grand Prix to see Sebastian Vettel win the Formula 1 drivers competition. Knowing there was spare time, Mark was kind enough to book a model for me. I used the images on the rest of the tour, you can see a selection over at Random Panderings. [...]

  2. Glyn Dewis says: December 11, 20107:04 am

    Great series of shots here Sean and as for the bedroom location shots I think the lighting is spot on; works perfectly for mimicking natural light in a white room with white sheets.

    Great job!


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